Finding a Better Way to Avoid Workers’ Compensation

The traditional ways businesses have tried to avoid the expenses of workers’ compensation is perhaps the most brutal imaginable: they would contest the cases, even when it was obvious the employee was fully entitled to compensation. This would lead to some individuals who had already been injured either fighting for compensation in the most difficult moments of their lives, or else not getting the compensation they were legally entitled to.

There’s a far better way to go about this, and it’s amazing it’s taken this long to figure it out. The answer to avoiding serious financial difficulties through workers’ compensation issues is by hiring those most capable of the job upfront. Perhaps this was always obvious, but until recently, it was very difficult to be sure a business was getting the person best physically able to handle the work. The tests just weren’t available, or they were prohibitively expensive.

However, recently, some businesses have cropped up that specialize in providing these tests, making it possible to reduce the risk of a workers’ compensation claim dramatically. Take WorkSTEPS. Their New Hires tests allow business to be sure the new employee has the agility, the strength, the cardiovascular health, and other important qualities to handle the job required of them.

Instead of taking someone’s word that their health is good enough (which, considering they are looking for a job, they are almost certain to say regardless), a business looking to fill a position with serious physical work can be far more confident they are getting someone who can dependably handle what is required of them.

This, of course, could be stretched too far. Not every job is so physical and requires these kinds of tests. Many jobs aren’t filled by the most physically fit but by the most qualified, the most experienced, or the most creative applicant.

At the same time, many workers’ compensation claims are unavoidable. Even someone with good heart health today may end up having a heart attack in a year’s time, given certain unpredictable issues. Other compensation claims come from mistakes made by individuals in perfectly good health, but simply too tired or too disinterested to make sure an object is secured, a machine is properly functioning, or the spills on the floor have been cleared up.

In other words, businesses will still have some workers’ compensation claims, no matter what tests they run, but the tests WorkSTEPS and others offer will allow businesses to cut out the most avoidable claims, allowing them to more easily shoulder any financial costs associated with the unavoidable claims. This, in turn, makes it less likely businesses will fight legitimate claims, allowing employees to get the compensation they need quickly.

It is no stretch to say this is a game-changing development for businesses and employees. It can save money for businesses and get better assistance to those employees who need it faster. Everyone wins when pre-hiring tests become the norm.

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