Controlling Stress before it Controls You

Instant! Everyone wants everything in an instant. This is what modernization provides life today, not to make life more comfortable, though, but to enable everyone to keep pace with the fast trends. And if you lag behind, the result is often STRESS!

Whether people accept it or not, it is a fact that everyone has made stress a part of life. Deadlines, bills to pay, schedules to keep, and so many others . . . ah, of course, the traffic.  Psychologists say that moderated stress cannot be that bad, though. In fact it can even be turned to some form of motivation which will develop in us the ability to control our mental and emotional disposition, to enable us to perform any task well even when under the pressure. However, if stress has become your very way of life, then you can be headed to an unhealthy lifestyle.

A “fight or flight” kind of life will definitely take its toll soon enough; it will make your mind, body and emotions pay, all to your regret.  Constant, unchecked pressure can make you hypertensive, cause infertility, increase the risks of stroke and heart attack, suppress your immune system, and affect your work productivity, mood, relationships, and quality of life.

“Fight-or-flight” is actually the body’s defense mechanism to threatening situations; it is what experts otherwise call the stress response. This defense mechanism makes the body more alert and the mind, more focused. It can also enable you to control the situation, to be able to work well – but all these are only within a certain point, for beyond that point, stress will cease being useful and will start doing damage instead.

Some of the very common mental and physical effects of a stressful life, include irritability, inability to relax, isolation, seeing only the negative, constipation or diarrhea, loss of sex drive, loss of appetite or excessive eating, neglect of responsibilities, turning to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes to relax, nail biting, and pacing back and forth.

To be able to control stress, before it controls you, it is important to know your strengths and your limits. Know what things make you stressful and be very, very conscious of your tolerance level. You’ll be surprised to see what awareness will enable you to do or not do for your good and everyone else’s.

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