Can I Handle a Personal Injury Case on My Own?

It is tempting to take control of everything in your life. This is, after all, a day and age when people want things done as soon as possible—an age of society that thrives and relies on instant gratification. So, yes, it can be tempting to simply take the swiftest and easiest way out of a situation and just get back to your regular, comfortable life – but with legal matters, should you really go through with it on your own?

If you are the plaintiff of a personal injury case – either you were the injured party or the surviving kin of the victim – then it is more than likely that you may be advised to not seek legal representation and take the first settlement you’re offered. Money is money, after all, and actual legal process can only mean complications, right? Wrong.

This is a common misconception that aims to benefit the insurance companies and not the survivor of a horrible incident. According to the website of the lawyers with the Hankey Law Office, insurance companies know that it is statistically more likely that a person who is represented by an attorney has a better chance of receiving a larger and fairer monetary settlement than a person who has had any legal aid at all.

It can be complicated to go through with the legal process but it doesn’t have to go to court. A settlement can be reached without having to face a trial. The only difference is that with reputable and experienced representation, you can be rewarded with not only sufficient compensation to cover your lawyer’s fees but also recompense to cover other financial constraints that you may not have considered such as the loss of wages or even the expenses to cover therapy in order to treat emotional trauma, which can be just as debilitating as physical injury.

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